Streamlight Rechargeable LED Portable Scene Light EXT

Model: Rechargeable LED Portable Scene Light EXT

The Portable Scene Light series continues to grow - it features an 2.1m extension pole. Rapidly deployed and easily stowed, it features a narrow footprint that lets you bring this light almost anywhere from wide open places to tight, confined spaces.

High-impact thermoplastic housing; weatherproof construction
IP67 rated; dust-tight and waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
Designed to resist 64kmph wind continuous in all directions with head fully extended

Category: Safety Rated Lighting Tools


  • Six white LEDs and wide reflectors produce a uniform flood pattern
  • Three user-selectable outputs:
    • High for a super-bright flood beam: 5,300 lumens; 410m beam; runs 4 hours
    • Medium for an intense beam and longer run time: 2,500 lumens; 292m beam; runs 9 hours
    • Low for when a less intense beam is ideal and for longer run time: 1,300 lumens; 215m beam; runs 18 hours
  • Selectable diffuser settings for two beam widths
  • Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting; 90° swivel neck allows you to aim the beam where you need it for task lighting
  • Sealed lead acid batteries recharge in 10 hours
  • Batteries will continue charge while operating directly from an AC or DC power source so you can be confident that you will always have a light when you need it
  • Indefinite run time on AC or DC external power with the supplied power cords
  • Integral D-rings allow attachment of the included shoulder strap
  • Design allows for the light to be used in confined spaces and rugged terrain
  • IP67 rated; dust-tight and waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes
  • Resists 40 mph wind continuous in all directions with head fully extended
  • Balanced design and easy setup:
    • Less than 30 seconds for full deployment
    • Pole extends to 213.36 cm
    • Cord built into the pole to avoid snags
    • Stabilization legs provide balance on uneven surfaces
    • Lead acid batteries provide ballast and stability
  • Portable Scene Light EXT- 11.6kg
    • Provides weight stabilization, but is light enough to carry
  • Packs to a compact size for easy storage: 64.8 cm

High Lumens

Run Time on High 4.00 hours
Run Time on Low 18.00 hours
Beam Distance 410 meters
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Quantity 1
Length 64.77 centimeters
Weight 11.56kg
Colors Yellow